Smart Payroll Website

Website build for leading online payroll system.

SmartPayroll Website Build by Special Operations

SmartPayroll is an easy to use and cost-effective online payroll/wages system, and the leader in its field in New Zealand.

A special, field-leading business like SmartPayroll requires a very special website. Enter the website specialists, Special Operations.

With battle plans drafted and an outstanding design meticulously crafted by award-winning Wellington, New Zealand designers The Penningtons, a special operative was needed to bring the website to Content Managed, fully functional online life.

Although on the face a relatively simple brochure site, great care was taken to ensure that every aspect matched to the pixel the excellent supplied design, while under the hood, the site is powered by the WordPress CMS, including an SSL product sign-up form to dramatically increase product up-take.

Special Operations also created a short overview video to visually highlight the benefits of the client’s revolutionary product. Website content and structure was also extensively tweaked for maximum SEO benefit, with the result that the site now ranks extremely high.

The outcome? All mission targets were met, and with yet another special website launched into battle, the Special Operations special treatment was delivered once more.

Website designed by The Penningtons.