Ministry of Justice

Conversion of New Zealand Ministry of Justice forms and documents to HTML.

Ministry of Justice document conversion to HTML by Special Operations

In 2006 the New Zealand Government led the world in making it mandatory for all online government services to adhere to a set of Web Standards—a level internet playing field proscribing a minimum level of accessibility and standardised web technologies.

The New Zealand Government Web Standards (the “Web Standards”) set the accessibility and policy-compliance standards for public sector web sites in New Zealand. The major focus is enhancing online access through accessibility. Accessible web sites are equally usable for all users, irrespective of physical or technological impediments.

In practise, and with considerable foresight, the New Zealand government borrowed greatly from the existing industry best practise established by the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

In order to meet these standards, in 2005 Special Operations was assigned the mission of converting a large number of Department of Courts’ print brochures and documents into accessible, web standards compatible CSS and HTML.

Converted while at Communications Arts, Wellington.