Special Friends

Other people, businesses and websites that we think are special.

The Penningtons

The Penningtons and Special Operations are friendsBrother and sister designers Michael and Nicola Pennington are special, and so is the Wellington, New Zealand design company they run—The Penningtons:

We are an award winning graphic design consultancy with 20 years of combined design experience gained in London, New York, Sydney, Basel, Malmö and Wellington.

Special Operations is proud to maintain a special relationship with this special pair of designers.

Chrometoaster New Media

Chrometoaster and Special Operations are friendsLess than ten years ago, Chrometoaster were a group of design students and graduates, including Special Operations founder John Gillespie, with little more than server racks of talent and a dream.

Today, in their own words, Chrometoaster are:

New Zealand’s premier creative technology firm. We design extraordinary user experiences, leveraging current and emerging technology to drive business success for our clients.

In other words, Chrometoaster are special too.


YouXD and Special Operations are friendsFormerly Communication Arts Limited, YouXD are a New Zealand design company with a new approach to creativity—offering in their words “design with you in mind.” As YouXD explain, rather than advertising being being about shouting at people until they pay attention:

We would rather create a compelling conversation between you, your service, your brand and your customer.

John Gillespie was formerly a developer with YouXD, and maintains a special relationship with them still.

Dashwood Design

Dashwood Design and Special Operations are friendsDashwood Design are a New Zealand based design company with over 20 years experience doing very special work.

We are a team of seasoned campaigners with fresh eyes on the world and unique perspectives on branding and design.

Special Operations is proud to maintain a special working relationship with the team at Dashwood Design.

F6 Design

F6 Design and Special Operations are friendsFounded by designer Jonathan Nicol, F6 Design is a special web and graphic design firm based in Melbourne, Australia known not only for elegant, functional websites, but also illustration, print design, typefaces, visual identities and motion graphics.

Our work has been featured in books and magazines including The Alamanac Of Asia Pacific Design II (Hong Kong), Web Designing magazine (Japan), Rethink, Redesign, Reconstruct (USA), and Indie Fonts 2 (USA). Our client projects have received numerous accolades including Australian blog of the year. In 2006 our illustration work was included in the exhibition To A T at the Museum of Design, Atlanta.

Special Operations thinks F6 Design is pretty special, and is proud to call them a special friend.


Liminal and Special Operations are friendsLiminal translates to ‘formlessness from which comes form’, and is the special Auckland based design team of Leonie Whyte and John Shepherd.

Powerful brand building is a process that initially starts with ‘nothing’. An open mind, a clean slate, and the ability to create something enduring are the initial pre-requisites. From there, intelligent thinking, exquisite execution, and an integrated perspective help to give the brand life and form.

With a zen-like approach to design and an impressive portfolio and track-record, Special Operations thinks Liminal is special, and is proud to call them a special friend.

Economics Help

Economics Help and Special Operations are friendsEconomics Help is a website written by part time Cherwell College, Oxford economics teacher and full-time blogger Tejvan R. Pettinger. Tejvan studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, and writes on economics and other matters not only for Economics Help, but a diverse range of blogs and online publications.

The site aims to offer help to students of Economics and those interested in understanding the complexities of Economics. My interests lie in gaining a practical understanding of how economics affects society and our quality of life.

Not only is Economics Help special, but Special Operations is proud to have designed their logo.

Pure Web Designs

Pure Web Designs and Special Operations are friendsPure Web Designs is a York, UK based boutique web and print design company operated by designer and writer Sumangali Morhall:

The aim of Pure Web Designs is to get to the heart of your organisation, and to reflect that personality in your website and print work. It’s about creating an atmosphere, offering your strengths to the world in a clear, human-friendly way.

Special Operations is proud to have a special working relationship with Pure Web Designs, who we think are a little bit special.

Steven Boniface

Steven Boniface and Special Operations are friendsSteven Boniface is a talented Wellington, New Zealand based photographer with an outstanding portfolio of clients and completed work, and a very special website, built and hosted by Special Operations.

Special Operations is proud to have a special working relationship with Steven Boniface, because like us, he’s a little bit special.

Martini Design

Martini Design and Special Operations are friendsMartini Design are a Wellington, New Zealand based design business with a pedigree and vintage approximate to a very special cocktail beverage.

The martini range caters for diverse tastes. Whether classical, cultural or cosmopolitian, martini is a smooth blend of style and creativity.

Special Operations is proud to have a special working relationship with Martini Design, including building their very special website.

Meditation Auckland

Meditation Auckland and Special Operations are friendsMeditation Auckland represents the Sri Chinmoy Centre and the special meditation classes they organise year round in Auckland—totally free of charge.

The Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free courses in meditation throughout the year as a community service. Our structured and popular workshops introduce a broad range of techniques to familiarize you with the various types of meditation and will help you to develop a successful home practice.

Special Operations is proud to have built the website for this peace promoting, special community service.