Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Another time-saving, life-easing plugin for WordPress by Dutch blogging superstar and plugin developer extraordinaire, Joost de Valk.

Joost de Valk at Special OperationsYes, you can just add your Google Analytics tracking code manually to your WordPress theme’s footer.php file, and yes, if you’re a developer, using a plugin to do something you can do by hand yourself is just not, well, “hardcore”, but this is a plugin by Joost de Valk, author of so many essential WordPress extensions that he is near butter to the ubiquitous blogging platform slash Content Management System’s bread, and do you really his plugin would “just” add a tracking code for you?

As the blogging wunderkind himself explains, using the Google Analytics Plugin on your WordPress site has numerous advantages:

This plugin adds the possibility to tag and segment all outgoing links, so you can see whether a click came from a comment or an article. You can choose where it tracks those links too! It also adds the possibility to track just the domain, instead of the complete link, so you get a better view of how much traffic you’re sending where.

Who wants to eat bread without butter, or if you’re Dutch, without jam and cheese? Track your outbound links today from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard with the Yoast Google Analytics Plugin.

Download the plugin: Google Analytics Plugin

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