Go Banana for Olicana

Olicana font by Nicke Cooke. Finally a handwriting style script font to go bananas over.

Unless you’ve endless quills, parchment and a parlour full of lace sleeved dandies to scratch forth, you can never have enough handwriting style script fonts.

Never enough unless you add Olicana by G-Type founder and font bold-weight Nick Cooke to your collection. Banish the quill and flatbed scanner, here finally is a font which convincingly suggests the texture and flow of ink.

Special Operations thinks Olicana font is special

According to fontophiles Typographica there was an “atypical outpouring of enthusiasm” when Olicana was released, and it scratched and curled its way immediately into their Typefaces of 2007.

[…] I think the primary reason it was so powerfully and instantly popular was the font’s voice, a personality both complicated and unique. On the one hand it has a casual and authentic sense of vivacity and fun. On the other hand this expressiveness is intermittent; it continuously but gently teases the eye. These features are especially appealing in the context of an otherwise confident and disciplined hand.

For the truly hardcore and typographically true, Olicana even offers ink blots and scratches for added realism and inky verisimilitude. Which just begs to paraphrase Jack Black from the School of Rock, “You’re not hardcore unless you kern hardcore.”

Where to get this flowing, swashing masterpiece of frills and quills?

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