Definitive Guide to Magento SEO

Put down your steelo and scour the web no more for tips; finally a definitive guide to SEO for open-source e-commerce platform Magento has been written.

Magento E-Commerce at Special OperationsReleased just over a year ago, Magento may just be the sink your e-commerce kitchen has been looking for, but despite being at version 1.3.2, and controversially switching to the big league with a very non open source priced Commerce Edition, there is one leaking faucet in its otherwise pristine chrome alloy finish—the lack of a comprehensive SEO guide for optimal, Google-friendly use.

Well put down the phone to the plumber and suffer a dripping tap no more—guest blogger Joachim Houtman has compiled the Magento A to Z of search engine optimisation for WordPress developer extraordinaire Joost de Valk’s blog, and as one might expect, SEO rather than creativity was foremost in the name of the article: Magento SEO.

Joachim begins:

It’s now almost a year after the world saw the first stable release of Magento, and there was still no “definitive guide” to Magento SEO. A lot has been written on the subject, in the Magento forum and some blog posts, but nothing that gives a complete overview of this subject. It’s time to let all this knowledge and experience fall into one big piece; the definitive guide to Magento SEO.

Go for the Magento-SEO kitchen sink: Magento SEO by Joachim Houtman.

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